Tuesday, November 17

Google Latitude

This is pretty damn freaky, not sure how I feel about this.  I can see how it may be helpful when youre in another city or state but then, how often do you know hella other people in the same vicinity. 

Hella cute

Thursday, November 12

It's your special day; Get Lit!!

Absolutely love these candles, and in a brownie...how appropriate!!

Tuesday, November 10

Site of the Week: Perpetualkid.com

Oh yes!  Love this geeky site for adults who are in denial!  4GB Lego USB for $40 is fairly reasonable too!!


Get the fuck out of here!!

Check this Mixtape USB Flash drive out!!  I DIE!!!  If I were in the music industry I would be all over this!  Include your album/mixtape/single on the USB along with album art and your EPK, some sample videos, options are endless!  L-O-V-E it!


Friday, November 6

Google voice is here!!

Im SO excited about this new feature that I havent even read every single detail about it!!  The thing I love about this is that I havent been in one location for longer than two years in over ten years!!  Just about a year ago I changed my number, one that I had since I was 15, it took a lot of courage and I'm happy that I did it, but I often wonder what connections I had ended because of it.  Google voice allows you to choose your own number, in whatever zip or area code you choose.  Then once you have that set up you choose which numbers it calls you at (like forwarding) so the person on the other end never has your actual number, and all the voicemails can be read off of your email (google voice inbox)!  It transcribes voice to text!  Genius!  There is so much flexibility with this, solves so many problems, not to mention you can start using this as your main line and call via internet!!  So fabulous!  Check it out!

One of the reasons this is so helpful to me is that I work a 9-5 in an unrelated (to my business) field so I can't take phone calls, but I can read emails! Not everyone uses email (damn it) so this will allow my clients to leave me a message that I can get instantly!

Site of the Week: Nothingbutnets.net

Here in the states Mosquito nets are another accessory for the home that is mostly never needed (except maybe for outdoor spaces) but in Africa they save lives.  Please if you have the chance donate $10 and save a life!

There's a Team page that I set up back in 2006 at mynothingbutnets.net/kreativess but have been so busy with my business and life in general that I havent had time to keep up, promote, or donate.  Now that everything is on track I really feel blessed and am ready to give back.  Next month Im going to make an offer to clients that are interested in making a donation to this cause; donate $10 to Nothing But Nets and I'll match your $10 which gives you $20 off the project of your choice.  Basically you get $10 off but have essentially donated $20 to a worthy cause, all of which is to a totally non-profit org!!  Plus you can view maps of the progress and get involved with your community!

Gadgets for life: Heart monitoring Band Aid

I absolutely love gadgets that can be used to help you in day to day life or more important things like safety and health.  Any excuse to buy new shit and Im there!!  But this one isn't even approved for the hospitals yet!  It allows Doctors to monitor heart rate, temperature, and perspiration via their PDA/Smartphone by sending a signal of changing symptoms as they occur!  How brilliant!!

Get Money: George Lucas

Some might know I'm a full fledged geek but I absolutely detest Star Wars!!  Ive discussed this on and on and even questioned my own dislikes but still, it sucks!!  Regardless I do appreciate everything that went into it and always appreciate people who can Get Money!!  So here we are on the release of the Droid, and with the launch party in SF one GeekSugar blogger noticed that at the bottom of the invite it said the word "Droid" is licensed to Lucasfilm LTD.  That means Motorola has to pay to use his term!  How dope is that?!?

Is that a 160gb in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

I would LOVE if they did a quilted black finish like say a Chanel bag or similar to the design of the Jawbone II!!  That would be dope!  Other colors would look fab as well!!  The come in sizes from 160-500gb for around $280!  If the 500gb was $280 I would be on it!!

New Blackberry Curve in Royal Purple

Oooh I absolutely love this color!!  Looks like they altered that pesky trackball problem!!  I would die if they just got rid of some of the buttons and made it a touch screen!!  Still cant live without my HTC tilt though!!  Even though theyre 'coming out' now, kinda sucks because I love secretly having the best phone ever!!  Looking forward to the android though!  This Blackberry is only available for Sprint so far and is coming out this month!!

Thursday, November 5

House votes today on extension of homebuyer credit!

This has to be some of the best news Ive had all year!!  Originally the first time homebuyer tax credit was to be 10% of the purchase price up to $8,500 and would only be eligible for those looking at single family homes which must close by November 30, 2009!
The new proposal is to extend the date to April 30, 2010 and you must close by June 30, 2010 to be eligible for the $6,500 credit.  One of the cool things about that is they extend it an additional year for those who have family in the military.  Plus they offer credit on those who have purchased a home in the past five years!  I'm not sure what the details are of the type of residence or how that $6,500 comes to be but I'm just excited that this might happen!!  I had originally planned to purchase my rental property by November but with all the bills I have at the moment my next goal date was May, so April 30th is SO perfect!!  I really cant wait to start on all my home projects!!  AND stop worrying about rent and focus on all my other passions in life!  Cant wait!

Tuesday, October 27

Get Money: eBay's iPhone app

Only a year after they released their free iPhone app eBay pulls in over 400 Million through these mobile based app purchases.  Thats a huge number considering only 15% of smartphone users own an iPhone.


Get Money: Paranormal Activity

Man I was so excited when I heard about this movie coming to my area, I went online to "Demand it" and what do you know, San Francisco was of the first ten theaters to show it.  For some reason the late showings, the drive, and work kept me from being of the first to see it so when it started playing nation wide I was all over it.  I think the excitement was the best part, the actual movie wasnt as scary as I would have liked or expected.  The genius of it was more so the budget, $15,000 and its made over 62.5 million so far!  All off a decent camera and one house!  Then the promotion was basically a shot of a crowd watching the film and was followed up by an online poll which when it gained popularity they went ahead and paid for commercial advertising.  So damn simple.

Tuesday, October 20


For a minute there I thought I was gonna go straight from bags to shoes, but now Im back!!  The winter season doesn't do much for my cold weather shoe selection anyway.  It's more than thigh highs and clutches, it's design!  Few pieces are timeless, and even more pieces are forgettable, but I can always appreciate and respect the thought and time that goes into every project, that's why I chose this Valentino bag to discuss.  It honestly looks like a weekend project...no offense to the designer, it's such a simple concept with readily available materials yet with the spacing it creates this beautiful flow.  This actually looks so much better in cream colors but I'd die for either one!

Wednesday, October 14

Can't wait for these designs!!

Just heard that my FAVorite person in the world, Kim Kardashian along with her fabulous sisters Khloe and Kourtney are teaming up with Bebe for their Spring collection!  Im SO excited!  I adore Bebe but usually I would only wear 20% of the things they come out with.  I have been leaning towards their shoe collection as of lately, they are very sturdy, nice thick heels, platforms, great thigh high boots, I could go on!  Their jewelry is way over priced but I do love the styles.  Im totally NOT feeling the Baroque style theyve come out with, thats better suited for home but I definitely am into all the intricate patterns and luxurious fabrics, I just think they could have applied it differently or better.
I would absolutely DIE if Kim brought in some of her favorite leggings, I love the jewelry she wears esp House of Harlow, so something Bohem and Sophistica yet accent our assets!!  The blazers are so hot, with the roll up sleeves, contrasting lining, and the cut out back to show the...back.  Then theres the basics that I love, the semi sheer t-shirts, the tanks, the simple things dressed up.  Just cant say enough about her style!!  Loves it!

Tuesday, October 13


Forget to take your meds today?  You need GlowCap!  This awesome little device fits on all standard pill bottles and has a wireless night light it communicates to.  Your pill schedule is set up online and when its time to take your pill the orange light on the cap and night light glow for an hour, if you dont see it a noise sounds for another hour, and eventually will give you a telephone call!  Crazyness!!

WHAT!?!?! The Python WaterCar

Check this thing out!!!  It's like a Durango front with a Corvette ass, doin highway speeds in the water W-T-F!  0-60 in 4.5 seconds!!  The interior is fully waterproof and the doors are designed to keep water out yet allow easy access to the water!  Im semi speechless, this shit is BAD, fuck a yacht!!  Now when they get this to fly I'll be sold, though Im sure it will go for a lot more than 200k!

Welcome to Collie-fornia

Just wanted to share a new mixtape cover I designed for DJ Serg hosted by Million Stylez.  Going with the Collie/Cali theme I put the guys in the Bart station with big sacks of dope.  Came out pretty sick, though I would like more of the station to be seen but you can only do so much with such little space.

Thursday, September 17

Mixtape Business Cards

How cool are these??


One of my favorite toys: the Roku

Not sure how many people subscribe to Netflix, but with Blockbuster going under it must be a considerable amount.  Over a year ago I started getting hooked on the Instant Watch feature on Netflix and used to pull up a comfy chair to the desk and enjoy some old movies I never got to watch, documentaries, and TV shows!!  It wasn't until I got tired of sitting at the desk all day while working, and then when I was trying to relax and watch a movie.  Can't exactly snuggle up at your desk!!  So I checked out the options available for Netflix users and found I could go with the TiVo at $299 or I could get a Roku player for $99!!  
So this little thing either hooks up wirelessly or you can have it wired, just connect to your TV, and set up takes all of five minutes!!  You go to your account in Netflix from your computer and it will give you a code that you use when the Roku prompts you from your TV.  Simple as that!!  You simply add your movies to your Watch Instantly Queue and youre good to go!  You can add as many as you like!  You can also purchase new movies from Amazon.com via the Roku, just set up your Amazon account to draw from your Credit Card or Debit Card then you select all the movies from your TV.  I actually prefer just paying the $8.99 for the '1 at a time' DVD rental with unlimited Watch Instantly access...wish I didnt like Cable so much, if they had more options I would give it up in a heartbeat!!

It's a K thing: Michael Kors

Oh how do I love thee, let me count the ways!!  First off I love the timeless classy pieces from all collections of Michael Kors, from the shoes and the clothes, to the bags and the bedding, J'adore Kors!!!  I was a little sad when I saw his place in Manhattan, it is so simple and stylish though, that I can't say anything bad about it.  I just absolutely love his animal prints so I would have loved to see more of them here.  And as much as I DETEST white walls it seems to work here...damn it!!

Absolutely love the Barcelona chair and ottomans and of course the white roses!  But Im really disappointed with the kitchen!  It is way too boring, way too small, hate the modern touch, I love more classic traditional styled kitchens and I believe they (kitchens) are the heart of the home...plus I love to cook!!!  Apparently these guys eat out a lot...no pun intended!!


Fashion Week Leaves me Drooling!!

Wow, with all the new releases of compact laptops and the evolving netbooks I'm over here dying, drooling, analyzing my finances, etc, etc!! As if the Fall Preview from Michael Kors wasn't enough!!  Here we have Vivienne Tam and an HP collaboration and it looks a bit dated but absolutely FABulous to me!!  The designers intentions were simply to use this as a clutch!  Now if I had somewhere to put my keys Id be all set!!  But I think I have that covered, have you seen all the new dresses with pockets like B was wearing at the VMA's...I DIE!

Wednesday, September 16

It's all in the verbage (or the hype)

So ever since the School District started going green,thus adding a new position, Resource Conservation Coordinator Ive been learning SO much about our environment! Along with his position he writes a daily blog for the district on new things that will help the environment and save money and in turn other resources. I got into writing my blog after being inspired by him and another blog site I visit frequently (geeksugar.com).
It wasnt until a month ago that I started my hate side of this love/hate relationship I have with geeksugar.com. I absolutely adore all the accessories, all the colors, the women friendly items and technology...however, they are bias towards the mac! Which I semi detest! Im a true geek and I understand the many benefits of running both a mac and pc...obviously favoring the pc. So when I came across this solar "charger" for the iPod and iPod touch for $70 I almost crapped myself.
First off, $70 to "charge" your iPod??? It wasn't until I got to the website that Im reading all the "fine print" that was big as day and NO WHERE do they say it "charges", they use the term "powerup". When comparing it to an actual phone charger its pretty insane, the "powerup" outputs 5.5V at 100 mAh in full sun, a regular phone charger outputs 500 mAh! So you have to be in constant sun for it to have 1/5 of the effect of a charger just to keep it "powered up" when technically it just barely keeps it from dying!! Heaven forbid you drop it and break the solar panel!! Plus they cant even say it works for the iPhone because the bitches at Mac have trademarked the name...so they cant even sell it to their target audience!! What a rip off!!
I cant wait to design something like this and take all the hyped up customers from Mac and sell them even more ridiculously priced electronics that are just prettier and more dated in technology than everything else. What a life!!!

Sunday, September 13

We're Live!

Just put up the new website last night after weeks and weeks of changing my mind and changing layouts!  Ive been watching so many video tutorials from lynda.com on everything from Photoshop to Dreamweaver and Flash then learning about Mobile Applications...phew!  So this is a base for my new skills, check what I loosely call my "finished" website.

Thursday, September 10


Though I have a love hate relationship with Apple, I did start on a Mac and I do love my iPod and iTunes, however I detest the iPhone.  But only because I'm jealous that someone can make so much money off people simply with marketing, colors, and convenience...even though the technology has been done with other phone models at least 3 years before them.  More so I'm irritated with the people who buy them and then rave about everything it can do that Ive been doing years ago!  Way to catch up and brag about it like its a new feature.

When I saw the new release for the Nano however, I'm kinda impressed.  Im not one who needs a phone that can do a bunch of bs, I need a phone for business, and occasionally my iPod for the car or a workout...but with the Nano having a video camera AND FM tuner, thats awesome!!  Though I have been boycotting 106 lately because I hear the same shit every day and we're from the Bay yet they don't play a fraction of it!  I'm not diggin the small capacities though, come on Apple 8gb or 16gb for music AND videos?  Not fair!  Love the colors though!


Well this past weekend I worked 16hrs straight both Saturday and Sunday trying to get my new website together and up by Monday!!  WELL!  Having a bit of a distraction Monday as soon as I got home I was totally clueless, lost, confused, off track, etc.  So basically it's still not up!!  I stressed myself scared and all my kreativness went down the drain!!  Then went Tuesday, and when Wednesday came ATT decided to fuck with me and shut off my phone and internet, just around the same time I got three new flyer projects!!  Can we say FML!?!
So now that Im stressed that I have work and pissed that I have no DSL my website is on the back burner!  Doesn't make me very happy at all!!

Thursday, September 3

If this isn't inspiration then I don't know what is!

A man may fall many times, but he won't be a failure until he says that someone pushed him.  ~Elmer G. Letterman

"Congratulations! Your image is approved"

Finally used the Card Image Lab over at Capital One and I'll be getting my new card in 7-10 days!!  For some reason I couldn't decide what to put on it or I would have done it a long time ago!!  I was so damn excited when they came out with that commercial, the one where the evil dude wants kittens on his card, ha!!  I however, went with a zebra print!!

When I went to design it they had pre-loaded (gay ass) images or you could upload your own of course.  But when I went to select the design guidelines it was just a bunch of rules and things you couldn't include!!  Not anything logical like what size and file type...which I eventually found, but was disappointed they wouldn't let you put any URL's on there!  Which now I'm not trippin about because its not like I show hella people my credit card, but people have commented on the ones I do have so you never now where business opportunities lie!

Plus the best thing about it is that you get to change it every 30 days!  So for you silly people who like to put pics of you and your man on everything...you don't have to worry about commitment, 30 days is pretty doable!