Thursday, September 10


Though I have a love hate relationship with Apple, I did start on a Mac and I do love my iPod and iTunes, however I detest the iPhone.  But only because I'm jealous that someone can make so much money off people simply with marketing, colors, and convenience...even though the technology has been done with other phone models at least 3 years before them.  More so I'm irritated with the people who buy them and then rave about everything it can do that Ive been doing years ago!  Way to catch up and brag about it like its a new feature.

When I saw the new release for the Nano however, I'm kinda impressed.  Im not one who needs a phone that can do a bunch of bs, I need a phone for business, and occasionally my iPod for the car or a workout...but with the Nano having a video camera AND FM tuner, thats awesome!!  Though I have been boycotting 106 lately because I hear the same shit every day and we're from the Bay yet they don't play a fraction of it!  I'm not diggin the small capacities though, come on Apple 8gb or 16gb for music AND videos?  Not fair!  Love the colors though!

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