Wednesday, September 2

Designer USB Flash Drives - I Die!

Thanks to Mimobot I now long for a designer USB Flash Drive with accessories.  Like I need more electronics!! 

For $24.95 you can get one of these flashy drives that store 4GB!  Pretty good considering a very much less cool Flash Drive with the same amount of storage will run you at least $15-20!  And you can't put skins or clothes on those bitches!  Im loving that these come with preloaded ish too, like sounds only that particular bot would make when you plug and unplug them from your computer, a custom desktop app, etc.  Plus they have a contest for designers from their site that allows you to download the template and upload your own design!!  I love when people try to make money off your hard work!!  Im gonna try to do the same when I grow up!!  LOL

So the one I really like is the Rasta Domo but I'm not diggin his guitar!  What about some herb?  Maybe I should redesign it!

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