Thursday, September 3

"Congratulations! Your image is approved"

Finally used the Card Image Lab over at Capital One and I'll be getting my new card in 7-10 days!!  For some reason I couldn't decide what to put on it or I would have done it a long time ago!!  I was so damn excited when they came out with that commercial, the one where the evil dude wants kittens on his card, ha!!  I however, went with a zebra print!!

When I went to design it they had pre-loaded (gay ass) images or you could upload your own of course.  But when I went to select the design guidelines it was just a bunch of rules and things you couldn't include!!  Not anything logical like what size and file type...which I eventually found, but was disappointed they wouldn't let you put any URL's on there!  Which now I'm not trippin about because its not like I show hella people my credit card, but people have commented on the ones I do have so you never now where business opportunities lie!

Plus the best thing about it is that you get to change it every 30 days!  So for you silly people who like to put pics of you and your man on don't have to worry about commitment, 30 days is pretty doable!

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