Wednesday, September 2

The Ultimate Green Machine

Having had my BMW for four years now I have to say I love it more now than I did the day I drove it off the lot!!  With every ding and scrape only adds character, this car has been with me through thick and thin and even though I long for a 5 Series, they are just too big and too delicate for me right now at this point in my life.  I love that I can smash around town quickly and in style without being too careful of anything (i.e. rims)!  But when I saw this concept yesterday (minus the crazy colors) I got semi excited!  This is of course, the future.
This is the Vision Efficientdynamics Concept from BMW, and at 155mpg (31hrs of battery time alone) shit rocks hard!!  Im NOT a fan of the blue, the color scheme is a little overboard but I understand where they're coming from, and where they're going!!  Absolutely love the grill but the headlights look too cut off for me, but now that I think of it they remind me of the New Corvette/Camaro style and THAT turns me on!!  

Used to be an all Chevy girl but now Im a BMW woman!!  I mean, 0 to 62 in 4.8 seconds!?!?!  SOLD!  Green is the new black!!

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