Thursday, September 17

One of my favorite toys: the Roku

Not sure how many people subscribe to Netflix, but with Blockbuster going under it must be a considerable amount.  Over a year ago I started getting hooked on the Instant Watch feature on Netflix and used to pull up a comfy chair to the desk and enjoy some old movies I never got to watch, documentaries, and TV shows!!  It wasn't until I got tired of sitting at the desk all day while working, and then when I was trying to relax and watch a movie.  Can't exactly snuggle up at your desk!!  So I checked out the options available for Netflix users and found I could go with the TiVo at $299 or I could get a Roku player for $99!!  
So this little thing either hooks up wirelessly or you can have it wired, just connect to your TV, and set up takes all of five minutes!!  You go to your account in Netflix from your computer and it will give you a code that you use when the Roku prompts you from your TV.  Simple as that!!  You simply add your movies to your Watch Instantly Queue and youre good to go!  You can add as many as you like!  You can also purchase new movies from via the Roku, just set up your Amazon account to draw from your Credit Card or Debit Card then you select all the movies from your TV.  I actually prefer just paying the $8.99 for the '1 at a time' DVD rental with unlimited Watch Instantly access...wish I didnt like Cable so much, if they had more options I would give it up in a heartbeat!!

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