Wednesday, September 16

It's all in the verbage (or the hype)

So ever since the School District started going green,thus adding a new position, Resource Conservation Coordinator Ive been learning SO much about our environment! Along with his position he writes a daily blog for the district on new things that will help the environment and save money and in turn other resources. I got into writing my blog after being inspired by him and another blog site I visit frequently (
It wasnt until a month ago that I started my hate side of this love/hate relationship I have with I absolutely adore all the accessories, all the colors, the women friendly items and technology...however, they are bias towards the mac! Which I semi detest! Im a true geek and I understand the many benefits of running both a mac and pc...obviously favoring the pc. So when I came across this solar "charger" for the iPod and iPod touch for $70 I almost crapped myself.
First off, $70 to "charge" your iPod??? It wasn't until I got to the website that Im reading all the "fine print" that was big as day and NO WHERE do they say it "charges", they use the term "powerup". When comparing it to an actual phone charger its pretty insane, the "powerup" outputs 5.5V at 100 mAh in full sun, a regular phone charger outputs 500 mAh! So you have to be in constant sun for it to have 1/5 of the effect of a charger just to keep it "powered up" when technically it just barely keeps it from dying!! Heaven forbid you drop it and break the solar panel!! Plus they cant even say it works for the iPhone because the bitches at Mac have trademarked the they cant even sell it to their target audience!! What a rip off!!
I cant wait to design something like this and take all the hyped up customers from Mac and sell them even more ridiculously priced electronics that are just prettier and more dated in technology than everything else. What a life!!!

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