Wednesday, September 2

Pantone Rocks

Wow, so Ive been waiting over 6 months to buy this Monitor Callibrator and finally got the balls to do so for my birthday a couple of weeks ago!  It's not that I couldn't afford it, or that I had no use for it before, it was simply the price; $130 retail!!  Every week I would go to Fry's hoping they would have it on sale, but the lowest it got was $120!  Still it's very useful for me as I work on multiple monitors in different environments, so not only do I want them to all be similar, but I need to make sure everything I design comes out as intended in print.

The lesser models didnt have multiple users, and anything that was better was almost $100 more!!  This one is just right for me!!  I'm not super advanced but am definitely on a professional level...and though Im most interested in web and mobile based design Im best at photo manipulation and in turn album covers!! Plus for a BuyNow price of $80 on eBay I think that's a steal!!  If I had the patience of an auction I could have got it down to $60 but I'm totally satisfied!!  I just wish the set up process was a bit longer than 5 minutes!!  At least it will remind me of all the fun I can have re-calibrating it every 15 days!  Woo-hoo!!

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