Friday, November 6

Site of the Week:

Here in the states Mosquito nets are another accessory for the home that is mostly never needed (except maybe for outdoor spaces) but in Africa they save lives.  Please if you have the chance donate $10 and save a life!

There's a Team page that I set up back in 2006 at but have been so busy with my business and life in general that I havent had time to keep up, promote, or donate.  Now that everything is on track I really feel blessed and am ready to give back.  Next month Im going to make an offer to clients that are interested in making a donation to this cause; donate $10 to Nothing But Nets and I'll match your $10 which gives you $20 off the project of your choice.  Basically you get $10 off but have essentially donated $20 to a worthy cause, all of which is to a totally non-profit org!!  Plus you can view maps of the progress and get involved with your community!

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