Tuesday, October 27

Get Money: Paranormal Activity

Man I was so excited when I heard about this movie coming to my area, I went online to "Demand it" and what do you know, San Francisco was of the first ten theaters to show it.  For some reason the late showings, the drive, and work kept me from being of the first to see it so when it started playing nation wide I was all over it.  I think the excitement was the best part, the actual movie wasnt as scary as I would have liked or expected.  The genius of it was more so the budget, $15,000 and its made over 62.5 million so far!  All off a decent camera and one house!  Then the promotion was basically a shot of a crowd watching the film and was followed up by an online poll which when it gained popularity they went ahead and paid for commercial advertising.  So damn simple.

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