Wednesday, October 14

Can't wait for these designs!!

Just heard that my FAVorite person in the world, Kim Kardashian along with her fabulous sisters Khloe and Kourtney are teaming up with Bebe for their Spring collection!  Im SO excited!  I adore Bebe but usually I would only wear 20% of the things they come out with.  I have been leaning towards their shoe collection as of lately, they are very sturdy, nice thick heels, platforms, great thigh high boots, I could go on!  Their jewelry is way over priced but I do love the styles.  Im totally NOT feeling the Baroque style theyve come out with, thats better suited for home but I definitely am into all the intricate patterns and luxurious fabrics, I just think they could have applied it differently or better.
I would absolutely DIE if Kim brought in some of her favorite leggings, I love the jewelry she wears esp House of Harlow, so something Bohem and Sophistica yet accent our assets!!  The blazers are so hot, with the roll up sleeves, contrasting lining, and the cut out back to show the...back.  Then theres the basics that I love, the semi sheer t-shirts, the tanks, the simple things dressed up.  Just cant say enough about her style!!  Loves it!

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